Master The Observation Framework In SwiftUI

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If you want to get ahead of the game and build efficient, slick and high performing SwiftUI apps then this is course for you! 🫵

Starting with iOS17 Apple has introduced a new way for us to handle data flow in SwiftUI with the Observation Framework.

This course is available on my YouTube Channel as a free playlist from 31/03/2024 3pm UK time and it covers everything you need to know in order to get started with this framework with real life practical examples you can add into your projects and also SwiftUI apps that you can easily launch onto the AppStore, using the sample files in this product as a starting point.

You can purchase all of the sample code within this product. I've set a minimum price but if you want to pay more I'd really appreciate it since it not only helps support me with my content creation, you'll also help fund my crippling addiction to McDonalds (I've tried McDonalds in over 10+ countries and counting!) 🍔

Purchasing this product will help quickly get you up to speed and deepen your understanding of the observation framework in SwiftUI 🧠

What you'll learn?

You might be wondering ok what will I learn in this course?

Well I've structured it to help guide you down the right path when tackling the observation framework by covering a wide range of topics that are crucial building blocks for understanding how this framework works, when it comes to learning using real life world examples is critical to deepen your knowledge which is why we'll build the following:

  • A language switcher that allows you to change the language of your app on the fly.
  • A theme manager that allows you to customise the look of your app via a settings button.
  • Affirmations app that fetches new affirmations from an API when they shake their phone.
  • A mini store with a checkout and basket for items.
  • A book reviews app with a simulated auth flow and ability to modify reviews, likes and dislikes.

Each one of these topics is covered nicely in the 6 videos that you can easily follow on my channel for free within my observation framework course, these topics include:

#1 New Observation Framework In SwiftUI Explained

In this video we'll go over the basics and everything that you need to know when it comes to getting started with the observation framework, so you can build a solid understanding of all of the concepts i.e. using the new @Observable macro, working with @Bindable, how to work with the Environment and a lot more things you 100% want to be aware of.

#2 Migrating To The Observation Framework In SwiftUI

After nailing the fundamentals, we'll then tackle how you can migrate your apps that are using the old SwiftUI data flow to these new concepts. This will help you see how to port over code that is still using the ObservableObject protocol, @StateObject, @ObservedObject, @EnvironmentObject and other concepts that you may already be used to with real life practical examples.

#3 Environment In The Observation Framework

We've covered the fundamentals and now we know how to port over legacy code, we can now start to dive deeper into the concept of the Environment in SwiftUI. In this video we'll build a theme manager which will show us how we can handle using global state in our apps with the @Environment property wrapper that we must use to share state between all of our views.

#4 Binding vs Bindable in Observation Framework, What’s the difference?

Something that will catch a lot of people out is when to use either binding or bindable, they both serve their own purpose but this example is very straight to the point and will guide you a nice guide to follow so that you can know when to use each one and in which scenario too.

#5 Using User Defaults In Observation Framework

Something that isn't currently supported in the Observation Framework is being able to use the @AppStorage property wrapper, we'll see ways to tackle this by building a language switcher that persists a locale in user defaults and allows us to dynamically change the localisation of our apps effortlessly.

#6 Use Observation Framework & Swift Concurrency To Build An Affirmations App

Most of the times you're apps will be interacting some kind of API, Swift Concurrency makes it easy for us to make network requests in our apps using Async Await. In this video we'll see how to merge this with the observation framework by building an Affirmations App, well look at fetching data, error handling, working with the Main Actor for UI updates and this project has some extra treats which shows you how to add slick animations into your apps using the PhaseAnimator API.

What's included?

By purchasing this product you'll get lifetime access to the starter and final source code for each video within this course. This includes updates for future videos or any improvements/bug fixes that I add to this course. You'll be able to easily follow along with the videos and also see the final implementations so you can add this into your apps onto the AppStore ⚡️

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Non Refundable

Since this product gives you instant access to the source code this product has a non-refundable refund policy.

Last updated Mar 25, 2024

Since this course is free like a lot of content, purchasing this product really helps me out with my content creation 💕

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Master The Observation Framework In SwiftUI

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I want this!